Step 1. Application Session

Fill out Commercial Application – Get as much information documented as you can during this initial meeting so you can present the story to the underwriter. Understand the business! 

This initial meeting can be conducted by:  Telephone or Our Office 

Step 2. Policy Review

Are you covered properly? (70% are NOT!) Our inside team takes the time and uses their knowledge to review your current insurance policy and provide feedback on how you are currently covered.

You can deliver your current policy to us by: Email, Mail, Fax, DropBox, Our Office 

Step 3. Loss Runs

Your loss ratio plays a role in the quoting process and must be verified in writing. Even if you've never had a loss, we need your current loss runs for the last 5 years to verify for the carriers we shop you to.

The loss runs are obtained by: The Insured calling the carrier directly 
(make the call with them on the phone)

Step 4. Follow Up Q&A

Underwriters Questions we must answer to get your quote released. Inevitably, the underwriters are going to want clarification on certain things or they have questions they want answered. 

This Q&A session is conducted by:

Step 5. Accept the Quote

You review our quote and accept it to move forward in time for your renewal. Our inside team will now prepare your paperwork and get it ready for you to sign.

Accept quote by: Verbal 

Step 6. Sign the Application

You can review and sign your application on your computer, tablet or mobile in minutes and it automatically comes back to us. Or we can fax it, mail it or you can come to our office.

Application can be delivered and signed by: Fax, Email, DocuSign, Our Office 

Step 7. Pay and Bind!

Now that your application is signed, you can make your payment and the policy becomes effective on the date selected. Your policy is bound and you can now get a certificate.

You can get your check to us by: Mail or Our Office 

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